We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2009 dedicated to assist in the basic needs of horses for those who have become financially stressed. Established in Illinois to offer feed, hay and bedding for horses to those who have lost their job or have a major illness or injury, causing a financial burden.  We are dedicated to helping to sustain the bond between human and horse.  We hope this will help prevent neglect, abuse or the abandonment of horses. 

Providing: *Feed * Hay * Bedding 

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Reaching out to those in need.
   From someone we've helped:
   "THANK YOU so much! We are running out and don’t have any money, its terrible ......we have 3 bags of feed left cause I’m feeding them less. Things have to get brighter and You have been wonderful!!!!!    You are wonderful....  I thank God for you!!!!!!!"        
 Fun at the Illinois Horse Fair - Roxy the horse doing her job.

If you have lost your job or have an illness or injury that has caused a financial burden,  and have found it difficult to keep your horse,
Please contact us for assistance!  
Horses are being abandoned and neglected more than ever since our economy has declined.  Not only has the economy declined but land has been developed and small farms are being pushed out of the market.  Boarding stables have had to increase the cost of  board making it difficult to keep a horse. Many are giving their horses to rescue organizations or anyone who wants them.  Your donations can make a difference.